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IntelliBED® Sleep Wellness
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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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About Us

IntelliBED® Mission Statement

The goal of IntelliBED® is to become the leader in Sleep Wellness. We do not see ourselves in the business of selling people a mattress. We are in the business of helping you achieve the Best Night's Sleep possible. We specialize in bringing advanced sleep technology (much it from hospitals) to the home. We are blessed with the exclusive licensing rights to use Intelli-Gel® Advanced Cushioning Material in mattresses for home use, and continue to look for other technologies that provide the 3 elements of sleep wellness: reducing pressure, maintaining spinal alignment, and supporting recessed body parts.

Intelli-Gel® is a true breakthrough in sleep technology...the first one in 40 years and by far the most important ever. We believe it to be the only material that can both reduce pressure points and provide horizontal support for the spine and recessed areas of your body at the same time. This is important because it provides the comfort you need to sleep soundly while it also provides the vital horizontal alignment support your spine needs for its long term health. Intelli-Gel® has also proven to be very helpful for the most severe cases in health care settings, and we have worked hard to provide this technology to you at a very competitive price. We have the exclusive license to use Intelli-Gel® in mattresses for the home market.

IntelliBED® Stores

Although we could grow much faster, we have chosen to limit the sale of IntelliBED® mattresses through Intelli-Bed® Sleep Wellness stores for two reasons:

1. IntelliBED® stores are staffed by carefully trained sleep consultants who have the experience and technology (like our pressure mapping system) to understand your sleep issues and explain how each of the sleep technologies will work for you. By controlling the store environment we can ensure that we sell each person the best solution for their sleeping needs.

2. This allows us to keep our product cost as low as possible. It costs about 40% more to build an IntelliBED® than other premium beds because of the quality of materials we use and the cost of the Intelli-Gel®. By selling direct through our exclusive IntelliBED® stores we can reduce the retailer mark-up and deliver the highest quality bedding product in the market at a price that people can afford.

When shopping at an IntelliBED® store you will notice some very real differences. For one, our sales people are interested in understanding your sleeping situation and requirements. They will actually follow up after you've purchased a bed from us to make sure that it is delivering the quality of sleep that you deserve. Also, you will notice that we don't have a good (cheap), better (value) and best (expensive) mattress for you to buy like most retailers. Each of our products is specially designed to deliver a different solution to each particular sleep issue. Our prices are based solely on the cost of the appropriate materials (always highest quality) required to satisfy that particular sleeping condition.

It is our pleasure to share with you what we know about sleep, the role a mattress can play and how your body reacts to the different sleeping options available to you. We know there are major differences in the technology of mattresses and will do what we can to help you pick the right one for you. We believe that an informed consumer is our best friend. Whether you buy a mattress from us or not, thank you for letting us help you determine the mattress option that is right for you.

IntelliBED® Austin

Owned by Dr. Bruce Meleski, Ph.D., the IntelliBED® store in Austin is the only one in Texas. Dr. Meleski has spent almost thirty years in the athletic, technology and healthcare fields. His background in biometrics allowed him to develop one of the first athletic training and rehabilitation software solutions that has been used by over 35,000 athletes including more than 400 NCAA champions. IntelliBED® wants to make sure you are totally satisfied and to completely address any sleep problems you may be experiencing. Find out today, how IntelliBED® can help you Sleep Well with Intelli-Gel®.