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IntelliBED® Sleep Wellness
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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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Materials In Our Mattresses & Toppers

We Don’t Use:

Convoluted foam – Commonly referred to as "egg crate foam." Although it may initially feel good it breaks down quickly because there is less material to support and distribute a person’s weight. Once the "egg crate foam" has packed down you often find yourself lying in a crater, and you will experience high pressure points on your body.

Cheap Latex Foam – There is a difference in latex foams. Many latex foams cause allergic reactions in people, but Talalay Latex Foam, the material used in our mattresses, does not.

Memory Foam – There is no memory foam in our mattresses because our testing has found it does not provide the optimal surface for your sleep wellness needs.

Individually Wrapped Coils – In our testing we’ve found individually wrapped coils breakdown more quickly and more frequently than unwrapped coils.

We Do Use:

Intelli-Gel® – We are the Only company that sells mattresses made with Intelli-Gel®. All of our mattresses use Intelli-Gel®, a patented gravity defying material that actually lifts your body up so that you comfortably sleep on top of the mattress. The column buckling gel redistributes weight allowing pressure points to sink in while the rest of the body is supported on the surface of the mattress. This patented breakthrough in sleep technology, already proven in hospitals, is available only at IntelliBED®.

Talalay Latex Foam - Talatech™ is the most consistent and durable latex in the world: it’s a quality product consumers feel and appreciate. If you are concerned about latex allergies here is a quote from Latex International, the maker of Talalay Latex Foam, regarding the non-allergenic properties of the material we use in our latex mattress:
"Complaints for allergic reactions to natural rubber latex are monitored by the FDA. To our knowledge, there has never been a single complaint over our more than 28 years of experience stemming from the natural rubber found in our mattresses and pillows. Our products have been tested by outside facilities and are shown to be inherently hypoallergenic for sufferers of mold, mildew or bacterial allergies. In addition, our mattress and pillows are resistant to dust mites and are naturally resistant to mold and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies"

13 Gauge Coils; High Coil Count Innerspring – To understand innerspring systems you need to know that the lower the gauge number the thicker the coil and vice versa. A 13 gauge coil is a very thick coil, and we combine thick coils with a high coil count. This gives our mattresses more steel in them than most other brands, and the extra steel -- a high coil count comprised of thick coils -- keeps the mattress nice and level without any sag.

QuiltFlex™ Foam – This high quality foam is designed to not sag, and the positive customer feedback we receive on the luxurious feel of this product is priceless.

Construction Of Our Mattresses & Toppers


We use only superior, high quality components in our mattresses. IntelliBED® has taken great care in selecting the best foams, springs, and fabrics. We have tested foams, springs and fabrics used by many other mattress stores. The names that other companies create for virtually the same end product, a mattress, are a dime a dozen. Mattresses are built with polyurethane foam, latex foam, memory foam, springs, water, air and gel. You can identify a mattress by its manufacturer's name, but it’s only as good as the components that make it up. That’s why we choose the best, and because we choose the best IntelliBED® is growing and people are taking notice. We offer a 20-year warranty and we stand behind it because we don't scrimp on materials. Examine a warranty closely and you will begin to understand the quality of the materials used to construct a mattress.


Every person's physiology is different and as a result every person has different needs in a mattress. We've built mattresses to best suit your needs. If the IntelliBED® mattress you need is less expensive so be it. If the IntelliBED® mattress you need is more expensive, but solves your problem it is worth every penny. You'll probably have our mattress longer than the car you are driving. Over the life of your mattress a few hundred dollars is not significant, especially when you consider important non-monetary factors such as a good night's sleep, or great pressure relief and comfort. When we talk about sleep we are talking about where you spend about 1/3 of your lifetime.

The research the people of IntelliBED® have conducted took time and effort, but we strongly believe building mattresses is not worth doing unless you do it right. The many added features of an IntelliBED® make a longer lasting, high quality mattress, and our mattress will maintain its superior support and comfort which is what you expect when you purchase a mattress from IntelliBED®.

Money Back Guarantee