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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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Posture Perfect Regular

A firm innerspring is often recommended by doctors for patients that suffer from back pain, but a firm innerspring is generally uncomfortable to sleep on because it causes painful pressure points. However, when a quality innerspring is combined with Intelli-Gel® it becomes possible to provide substantial pressure relief while providing aggressive alignment support (firm mattress support with a plush comfortable feel).

The Posture Perfect Regular is the first mattress ever to combine the highest quality firm innerspring for alignment support with Intelli-Gel® Advanced Cushioning Material for pressure relief. Intelli-Gel® Advanced Cushioning Material is a true breakthrough in sleep wellness providing good Alignment and Support while providing Pressure Relief. An IntelliBED® may provide up to 50-80% LESS PRESSURE !!! Click here to learn more


  • A honey-combed top layer of Intelli-Gel® Advanced Cushioning Material for excellent pressure relief and support.
  • Firm, high quality innerspring for outstanding alignment support of the hips, shoulders and skeletal structure.
  • A soft, plush, imported stretch knit cover (cotton/poly blend) that is quilted to provide the ultimate in comfort.
  • Can be used on an adjustable base.

Recommended For

  • Individuals suffering from back pain without additional complications like hip, shoulder or joint discomfort.
  • Individuals who prefer a firmer feeling mattress.
  • Individuals who prefer a firmer feeling bed and are seeking the best posture aligning sleep surface to maintain a healthy spine and an active lifestyle.
We are pleased to offer a 20-year warranty on Posture Perfect Regular mattresses against manufacturer defects with 10 years of full replacement value and the second 10 years prorated (when used on a non-adjustable base; see written warranty for details). Click here to learn more about warranties in the mattress industry.
Money Back Guarantee
Click here to learn about current specials on the Posture Perfect Regular mattress.

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