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IntelliBED® Sleep Wellness
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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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Your pillow plays an important role in the health of your cervical spine. Every pillow is a neck pillow because its primary role is to support the neck while you sleep. No matter what position you sleep in IntelliBED® Pillow Headquarters has the perfect neck pillow for you!

22 Different Pillows!


Traditional Pillows

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Contour Pillows

Positioning Pillows

For back sleepers, the Intelli-Pillow Back Sleeper with Intelli-Gel® acts as a neck pillow neutralizing the tilt of the neck and increasing comfort. For side sleepers, the Intelli-Pillow Standard pillow with Intelli-Gel® supports the neck and aligns the spine for optimal health.

Advanced Hospital Technology

With the introduction of fifteen new pillows IntelliBED® of Austin now offers a neck pillow for every body and shape. IntelliBED® has nine patented neck pillows for back, side, and stomach sleepers, and we also have a small neck pillow that works great for travelers. With a complete range of traditional pillows, including memory foam pillows, down pillows, and body pillows, IntelliBED® of Austin now offers twenty-two different pillow designs. Many of them are adapted from hospital tested designs and are now made available to the home exclusively by IntelliBED®.

Intelli-Gel® comfort material is a breakthrough technology and its use in pillows provides a very comfortable and supportive pillow for the head and neck.