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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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Traditional Pillows

Beyond Perfect®
Queen Size Available

This distinctive pillow uses both synthetic down fibers and Visco-elastic foam for maximum adjustability. The unique construction of this product gives the user two distinct sleep surfaces: one side has down-like qualities for luxurious softness and adjustability while the other side uses the latest in Visco-elastic technology. This pillow allows the head to sink into it to a level that provides maximum support and comfort while allowing the head and neck to align naturally.

Latex Pillow
Standard / Queen or King Size Available

Derived from from the milk of the hevea brasiliensis or rubber tree, Latex has inherent qualities that make it a perfect pillow material. The eco-friendly process creates a soft yet extremely resilient and durable pillow. Latex naturally conforms to the contours of the head and neck for superior comfort and support.

Premium Down Pillow
Standard / Queen or King Size Available

Feather and down have been a favorite natural product used in pillows throughout the ages. Experience the luxury and comfort of this white goose down pillow. This pillow features an inner chamber filled with a premium blend of feathers and down with an outer chamber of luxuriously soft white goose down. The pillow contains a minimum of 75% white goose down.

3 in 1 Pillow
Standard / Queen or King Size Available

The 3 in 1 pillow brings a new concept in pillow design by allowing the user to customize their comfort and support options. A zippered outer shell contains premium down fill for a soft luxurious feel. The memory foam insert provides soft, subtle support. The latex foam insert provides firmer more resilient support. A great pillow to give as a gift, the 3 in 1 pillow allows the recipient to chose the comfort and support option that works best for their personal needs.

Sensa Foam Perfect Pillow

A classically shaped pillow containing visco elastic molded memory foam that equalizes pressure, reducing stress and tension. This super high density molded foam pillow with the the feel of total plush comfort is temperature-smart and adjusts to your shape and movement for all night comfort.

Beyond Down®
Queen Size Available

The Beyond Down® Pillow is filled with a super-fine polyester fiber that emulates the highest-quality white goose down. It is adjustable, durable and has an exquisite feel. This pillow provides the kind of support necessary for the head and neck. There is no polyester pillow available that supports and cradles the head and neck like Beyond Down®.