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The following professionals will help you select the correct intelliBED mattress or pillow

Jarrod Bagley, DC - Corrective Chiropractic

Jarrod Bagley, DC

Corrective Chiropractic

3821 Juniper Trace, Suite 207
Bee Caves, TX 78738

Telephone : (512) 263-0040

About Corrective Chiropractic
Dr. Bagley is the only doctor in the entire Austin area capable of providing scientific, medically proven spinal alignment correction without surgery. He is one of only 5 doctors in the state of Texas to have successfully completed all certification requirements needed to practice Chiropractic Biophysics Technique (CBP). CBP is a method supported by more research in peer-reviewed scientific (medical) journals than any other chiropractic technique currently available. Noted Journals included but not limited to Spine, Journal of Spinal Disorders, and Clinical Biomechanics. This technique addresses what is causing pain or discomfort by realigning your spine and posture through a series of adjustments, traction and exercises. Rather than traditional adjustments and prescription drugs, we believe in a more holistic approach to living your best life. This advanced form of chiropractic goes well beyond the relief of pain by focusing on the restoration and rehabilitation of the spine. The ultimate goal is to return the spine to its normal structural alignment, which in turn will also result in reduced muscular tension, improved muscular balance, inhibition of early degenerative joint disease, and a noticeable improvement in optimal nervous system function and overall performance.

Adjustable Beds
  • Decompress Your Spine In The Comfort Of Your Home
  • Elevate Feet or Head to Improve Circulation
  • Massage Up and Down Body to Improve Circulation
  • Adjust Mattress to Optimize Support
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We Recommend Our Therapeutic Mattress Sets
Depending on The Needs of The Individual

We�ve learned that there is no one perfect bed for every person. Different people have different sleep issues, different body types, and need a range of mattress choices. That�s why we�ve worked with doctors to develop the right sleep surfaces for people with different sleep issues. We offer 3 Therapeutic Mattress Sets: Posture Perfect Regular, Posture Perfect Deluxe, and the Relief Perfect. We use only top of the line materials and price our beds fairly based upon what they cost us. These gel mattresses sell for 3 to 4 times more in hospitals, but we keep the cost low by selling direct through our stores.

If you are looking for a premium mattress that provides you the best support in the industry, visit an IntelliBED® store today. In our store, you can compare innerspring, Tempur-pedic, and Sleep Number mattresses against IntelliBED®. Using an XSENSOR® pressure pad that measures your pressure distribution on each type of mattress, you can not only feel, but actually see the very real difference in premium mattresses. Click here to learn more about pressure mapping.

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