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IntelliBED® Sleep Wellness
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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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21st Century Intelli-Gel®

Intelli-Gel® is made from a space-aged co-polymer called Gelastic that is not a viscous liquid like most gels. It is a soft, very strong rubber-like material that can be stretched to over 15 times its resting length, and snap right back to original shape! The Gelastic is formed into a honeycomb-like structure with a series of support walls that are designed to stand firm under lighter loads, but relax if the pressure gets too high. This provides the ultimate in comfortable back support, no matter what position you sleep in!

Intelli-Gel® support cells relax to relieve pressure while providing great spinal alignment and support. Our unique patented gel is used by leading companies like Jansport, Implus, Dr. Scholl's and in hospitals to comfort burn patients.

IntelliBED® products with Intelli-Gel® have been extensively wear tested and will outlast foam or springs.


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Under light loads, the Intelli-Gel® support walls begin to compress slightly just like foam or springs.

But as pressure increases like it would under the hips and shoulders, the strong, flexible Intelli-Gel® support members below instantly buckle (fold over), relieving the point of pressure.

Finally, when fully loaded, the recessed surfaces, like a person's back float on top, fully supported, while protruding surfaces, like a person's hips sink deeply without uncomfortable pressure spikes! Of all mattress materials, only Intelli-Gel® allows weight to be supported by broad body surfaces rather than by hips and shoulders.

When the load is removed, the strong Intelli-Gel® support walls spring back again - advanced cushioning technology that is truly different.