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IntelliBED® Sleep Wellness
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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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Tempurpedic® versus IntelliBED® 

  Tempurpedic® mattresses are specialized polyurethane foam and have become popular. Key characteristics of Tempurpedic® mattresses are heat sensitivity and body conformity. IntelliBED mattresses have patented Intelli-Gel® top layer reducing pressure points while providing superior support and durability. INTELLI-GEL BUCKLES!  
Compare Tempurpedic® Mattress Intelli-Gel® Mattress IntelliBED®
Sleeping Hot!
  • 'Heat sensitive' Tempurpedic® mattress slowly compresses as it absorbs body heat
  • Tempurpedic® mattress can cause you to sweat
  • Brand name Tempurpedic® mattress refers to temperature
  • Many people sleep 'hot' on Tempurpedic® mattresses
  • Intelli-Gel is made from mineral oil
  • Intelli-Gel is temperature neutral material
  • Memory Foam is dense and doesn't allow air circulation
  • Intelli-Gel is an open matrix honeycomb that lets air circulate freely
Memory Foam Comparisons
  • Tempurpedic® mattress is slow acting
  • Tempurpedic® mattress creates impression of body contour
  • Deep side lying impressions require energy to lift body and move on Tempurpedic® mattress
  • After move, Tempurpedic® mattress remains an uneven surface until it slowly conforms to your new position
  • Intelli-Gel buckles
  • Intelli-Gel immediately adjusts to body movement
  • Intelli-Gel buckles to support your body whether lying on your back, side, or stomach
  • Intelli-Gel offers superior recessed body support
IntelliBED Durability
Pressure Points
  • Pressure builds as Tempurpedic® mattress compresses
  • Hips and shoulder painful during side sleeping
  • Tempurpedic® mattresses, like all foams, compresses with thousands of tiny cells stacked together
  • Tempurpedic® mattress impressions increase pressure points
  • Intelli-Gel does not compress - it buckles
  • Buckling changes the physics of Intelli-Gel mattresses
  • Pressure points lower 50-80% versus inner spring, traditional foam, or Memory Foam mattresses
  • Don't believe us - schedule a sleep lab assessment
Pressure Mapping Tells The Real Story
Explore Mattress Models
Tempurpedic® toppers and Tempurpedic® mattresses are sold at memory foam stores. IntelliBED does not sell Tempurpedic® toppers or Tempurpedic® mattresses.