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Below are copies of Unsolicited Customer Testimonials we have received. Dates and identifying names of individuals have been removed for privacy.

Subject: Perfection

"IntelliBED Austin is an absolute Godsend!! I suffer from Acute Chronic Disabling Insomnia. Over the past few years I have honestly spent TEN THOUSAND dollars on beds that promised to be the 'Ultimate' Sleep surface. And guess what...not ONE of the beds that I tried lived up to their guaranteed claims.

I have had a Sleep Number bed, a Tempur-Pedic, and a bed the claimed to be the most therapeutic sleep possible; even in regards to pressure relief, perfect body alignment and is used in hospital burn units. The latter bed was the only one to live up to most of its claims. While I still have the last bed mentioned, it still was not giving me enough pressure relief and support. I wish that I had found IntelliBED Austin first! I could have saved a tremendous amount of time, money and of course all of frustration, aggravation and DISCOMFORT! I could not justify getting rid of my current $5000 mattress because there is nothing wrong with it. Therefore i purchased the IntelliGel mattress topper.

I placed my order on Thursday and it actually arrived on Monday; this is quite a feat when you consider that I live in Pittsburgh (almost 1500 miles from Austin). I was very impressed with the efficiency of all of your employees. If it were up to me, they would all be getting a raise!!! The mattress topper has now given me a TOTAL lack of pressure points; not to mention the very plush and opulent feel that I love! I feel as if I am selling in a cloud. Since I got the topper I have had many nights were I did not move at all while sleeping. To me that is quite an accomplishment! Even though you sink into the bed you still get PERFECT body alignment. I am amazed and how the bed allows my rear end to sink deeper while still providing me with INCREDIBLE support for my lower back! Perfect alignment, a sleep surface that does NOT overheat and the overall inviting feel of the bed has GREATLY increased the Quality of my sleep. I still have to take sleeping pills and sedatives to fall asleep because my condition. I can say, however that I have found that I require lesser doses of my medications. This is practically a miracle to me! Unfortunately the english language, or my own limited vocabulary do not allow me to express how this bed has made a very positive influence with my quality of living.

I forgot to mention the two IntelliGel pillows that I purchased. One side sleeper and one Back sleeper are the BEST that I have ever tried! Like all of the mattresses that I went through looking for relief; I but bought nearly as many pillows, all of the memory foam pillows, latex pillows, down pillows and NONE of them had provided me with the very soothing, comfort yet remarkably supportive of IntelliGel.

I cannot thank the staff of IntelliBED Austin enough! They are so helpful, very well informed, have incredible customer service and they are not pushy or coercive in any way. Just over the phone they were able to give me a very good education as to why their product performs better than all others. They were also very eager to answer my 800 questions…(In case you can not tell, I am very chatty) I am an IntelliGel customer for life!

I also have NEVER written to a company to give a testimonial and the fact that I am doing so is a testament to their products. Don’t waist your money, time and effort by trying the other mattresses and sleepless uncomfortable nights. I believe that Intelligel is the PERFECT solution for ANYONE that wants a better nights sleep and improved health and vitality! I forgot to mention that I have a rare form of cancer which can cause my a considerable amount of pain; since the IntelliGel topper i have had far less pain...again a Miracle! Thank You SO Much"

[Author: Christopher B. - Pittsburgh]

"p.s. I am trying to figure out a way to justify getting rid of my current mattress and replacing it with your 'Miracle Sleeping Cloud'! It really does feel like you are floating on air!"

Subject: Back Surgery

"I have had a lot of pain since I broke my back in an automobile accident 23 years ago. Last year, the pain got so severe I decided to have back surgery. I had two vertebrae fused two months ago."

"A couple of weeks before my surgery, I gave my mattress a makeover [with an IntelliBED® Support Topper]. What an incredible difference it has made! To my surprise, my back pain was greatly reduced while I waited for the surgery. I further believe that it kept my back from sagging which has really sped my recovery."

"It is so nice to find such comfort that will work with my adjustable bed. I didn't have to replace my mattress to improve comfort and support. I just gave it a makeover [with the IntelliBED® Gel Top Support Topper]! "
[Author: Terry B]

Subject: Damaged Spine

"I have a damaged spine from a whiplash injury suffered many years ago. It has become increasingly difficult to find a mattress that allows me to a sleep in comfort."

"All the other mattresses I tried rapidly developed a body impression within a couple of months, even though I purchased expensive, quality mattresses and rotated them according to the manufacturer instructions. I even tried the temperature sensitive foam, which was wonderful at first, but eventually began to sag. Firm orthopedic mattresses were too uncomfortable and although the latex mattress did not develop a body impression, it seemed to sag when I laid down on it. I even tried an air mattress but it was too uncomfortable. Then I purchased at least five different mattress toppers with no success. It seemed that I faced a life of physical discomfort or financial ruin with the necessity of shopping for a new mattress or topper every few months - until I found the IntelliBED® with Intelli-Gel®."

The IntelliBED® is truly wonderful. Each part of my body feels supported and cushioned. I can sleep for many hours with complete comfort and no pain.
[Author: Diana C ]

Subject: Severe Shoulder Pain

"I bought three beds in two years looking for one that would help me with my shoulder pain. I bought a high-end Sealy pillow top and finally a latex bed, but nothing really worked until I found IntelliBED®. Now my pain is almost gone and amazingly I can even sleep on my back which I haven’t been able to do for over 10 years. I love the comfort and rest I’m now getting and I like your pillow too, which I bought after I found our how well the intelliBED® worked."
[Author: Craig R]

Subject: Thank you!

"I just had to tell you how wonderful your product is! I've slept on it and I can't be without it ever again! Its so comfortable, I no longer have to support my lower back with a small pillow behind it like I've had to do for years now. I was worried about putting the Support Topper on my low air-loss air mattress because it doesn't provide much, if any support. However, the Mattress Topper gives me enough firmness to shift my position without sinking like it used to without anything on top of the air mattress. "

"I am so thankful that your product was available, came so quickly, was affordable, and lives up to the advertisement and descriptions I saw of it. If it stands up to my 24/7 hour use (I'm bedridden) for the warranty period, I will be completely happy and pleasantly surprised!"

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for your product. You've made a big difference in my quality of life because of the amount of comfort I've found with your Mattress Topper."
[Author: Annette S. (Annette is a bedridden paraplegic who has tried many different products)]

Subject: I slept too long

"The first night I slept on my IntelliBED®, I overslept by two hours the next morning. This bed is so comfortable that I have trouble getting up. I suffer from a slight case of spinal bifida and have always had trouble sleeping comfortably. I've tried pillows between my legs, different expensive mattresses and all types of tricks. Thanks for inventing a bed that really helps a person get a good night's sleep."
[Author: Susan C.]

Subject: Intelli-Gel® Beds

"Just a note to let you know how thankful I am for having an IntelliBED®. When I was in high school, I fell up on the top of Mt. Timpanogas and sustained compression fractures on three vertebrae and had to be carried off the mountain in a stretcher. Over the years I have tried every kind of bed including several types of waterbeds. None of them gave me pain-free sleep. Then, I purchased the IntelliBED®. It is the first time I have been able to get up in the morning and not have my back hurt. I would gladly recommend the bed to anyone."
[Author: Rex G.]